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  Trotsky, L., 2004. The Revolution Betrayed. Translated by M. Eastman. New York: Dover Publications. (via brood-lassitude)

(Source: kropotkink, via brood-lassitude)

Pistorius needs to get some dignity now. It’s sickening hearing him crying and sobbing in court like that.

Sometimes you have to stand up straight and deal with what’s coming.


That’s a good quote – and very true…cheers.

Or if it was related to something I said – I’m sowee.

Hasaan  / Rain Man  / The Professor  / Ason Unique  / Osiris  / Osiris the Father (he went by both)  / The BZA  / The Drunken Master Styles  / Sweet Baby Jesus  / Dirt Dog  / The Bebop Specialist  / RJ Tha Mad Specialist  / Ill Irving the Murderer  / Barney Kool Breeze  / Ol’ Dirt Schultz  / Prince Delight  / Blunted Sultan  / Peanut the Kidnapper  / Freeloading Rusty  / Joe Bananas  / Big Box o’ Chili  / Super Bastard  / Ol’ Dirty Bastard  / Dirk Hardpec  / Big Baby Jesus  / The Man of All Rainbows  / Dirt McGirt  / Roll Fizzlebeef

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