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20th April is a big deal in the states. It’s an ancient tradition (dating right back to 1971) and it celebrates a load of dumb stoners who couldn’t find a rumoured patch of fucking cannabis plants.

It appears to be a day when everyone smokes more of it than a usual day and is now a recognised ‘counter-cultural’ event shared with other cannabis-obssessed dickheads like Grateful Dead fans. Fuckin’ hippies!

Various reasons it’s for wankers  1 / cos it’s about cannabis, the dullest drug of all… so fucking dull that it’s getting legalised everywhere  2 / it’s 20/4 ffs!  3 / The only other country in the world who’ve taken to it is New Zealand!  4 / if you have a day when you take ‘more drugs’ then by definition there are days when you take ‘less drugs’!? I don’t get it…we don’t do that in the UK. We do as many drugs as there is whenever they’re there – like 20/4 hour party people.

  Trotsky, L., 2004. The Revolution Betrayed. Translated by M. Eastman. New York: Dover Publications. (via brood-lassitude)

(Source: kropotkink, via brood-lassitude)

Pistorius needs to get some dignity now. It’s sickening hearing him crying and sobbing in court like that.

Sometimes you have to stand up straight and deal with what’s coming.


That’s a good quote – and very true…cheers.

Or if it was related to something I said – I’m sowee.